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Why do we make our Jewelry in Bali?

If you have surfed through Cirque Jewels before you would probably see that most of our selection of designer Jewelry is made in Bali, Indonesia.  If you have looked at a map, you would notice that Bali is quite a distance from New York (where Cirque Jewels is located).  Its half a world away.  You can't even fly directly to there.  From New York, you would have to fly to Hong Kong then take another flight to Bali.  It takes about 24 hours of flying from arrival to departure, not including waiting at the airport, standby and delays.  Flying that long takes a toll on you but it is well worth the "punishment".  

Out of all the places in the world to create beautiful designer jewelry, why travel so far to Bali?

It's really quite simple.  The people of Bali have a natural inherent talent for they are artists who create beautiful objects that you can stare at and admire their beauty.  The are all artists who can create amazing things by hand and have past down their knowhow and talents form generation to generation. For 2500 years they have been one of the premier jewelers in the world.  It's as if they are a hidden gem that few know about.You can see it in the gold accenting work as well as their attention to detail. The gallery finish is also exception which make their style comfortable and beautiful to wear.  

One of our Balinese jewelry sketch artist creating a beautiful jewlery concept which we will eventually create in to a real style. 


It is truly a wonderful experience to travel there (despite the time it take to Travel) and work with kind, friendly people. The Balinese are warm friendly people who always have a smile on their face.  


A street in Bali filled with lush greenery.  How can you not be happy living here?

Bali has the most temple per capita making it arguably the most spiritual place in the world.  


A curvy path leading to our jewelry studio.


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