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CirqueJewels.com Repairs and Sizes Your Jewelry....for FREE!!

Hello Everyone, 

I would like to share something with you that you may not know about CirqueJewels.com.  We gladly repair or size your existing jewelry for Free.

We have two expert jewelers on our premises who have been with us for over twenty years and are excellent at their craft.  Their experience is in silver, gold and silver with gold accented jewelry set in gemstones and diamonds.  


In order to size or repair your jewelry free of charge we ask that you purchase anything on our site and once we receive your item needing repair Cirque will ship the repair along with your new jewelry.  You can purchase anything from our site at any price and we will do the repair.  

You may think that nothing is ever totally free (and you are right to think so) but think of the incentive you are getting from this promotion.  If you find an item on the site that you like and happen to have an item that is in disrepair or longer fits your finger, we can restore the value of your jewelry in your collection all while receiving a new item to add to your collection!  


If you would like more details about this generous offer, please call us at 866-424-0011 or email info@cirquejewels.com.  We always like to talk and hear from you. 


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