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Honeymoon in Bali

As I mentioned in my previous post about why I work in Bali, I travel to Bali Indonesia three times a year for my work as a creator and designer of fine yet affordable jewelry.  Since I am a newlywed, my wife and I thought it would be nice to travel there not for business purposes but as tourists.  I would like to share my experiences as I cannot say enough how much I thoroughly enjoyed our trip and was able to appreciate Bali from a different perspective.  

Bali is actually one of the top 5 honeymoon destinations in the world. The different topography throughout the little island is astonishing.  From rolling cliffs by the shore, sandy beaches and lush green jungles, each diverse setting is breathtakingly beautiful.  No wonder the people are so friendly.  As I have previously mentioned, the Balinese people are friendly, warm and always curious to know who you are.  The majority of the population are also incredible artists.  Their talents do not only convey to their beautiful and unique jewelry but also to their entire culture.  From their food, rituals as well as their beautiful architecture.  

The Lotus temple in Ubud Bali

The Four Seasons in Ubud Bali


Stay tuned next week, we will go into greater detail about the architecture in Bali and how it influences its jewelry design.  


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