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Summer Jewelry Trends We Love

Trends are solid guides for you to frame your personal style. This summer, show off some skin and decorate your life with jewelry. Layered, large, bright – a girl deserves to sparkle under the sun!

Layered Bangles:

One of our favorite summer jewelry trends, layered bangles are a great way to make an outfit pop. Explore the many facets that make up the quirky side of your personality with jewelry – express yourself! Maybe wearing your heart on your sleeve means to decorate it generously. Let your confidence shine with bold styles & colors!


Chunky Chain Necklaces

There’s no weak link in this fashion statement: bold, beautiful, and with the right metal, simply divine. This trend is one worth watching – one that reoccurs throughout time. This summer, it’s back, so it would be a shame to not have some fun with a lasting look.


Art-Deco Inspired Pieces

Compliment your look with geometric patterns that create a confident mood, urging others to spark up conversation with you. Perfect with flowing tops or dresses, with art-deco earrings you can embody the summer dream! Also, structural designs are a fantastic way to jazz up a summer nighttime look.


Natural Stones

Life’s too short to stick to the usual – go Boho-chic with an eclectic ensemble of natural gemstone jewelry. Natural beauty is the best kind, and blending your style with the Earth’s shows humility paired with fashionable knowledge. Beauty framed in a way that feels unintentional makes you feel great.


Bold Green

The perfect streamlined way to make you and everyone around you feel happy and bright is by indulging your wardrobe with some head-turning green. Translate the feeling summer brings with what else but color. Add pops of the hue throughout your outfit, and have fun with splashes of it in your jewelry.

Style isn’t just the way you look, it’s a way of life. Share your favorite summer jewelry trend with us! Be part of this conversation and more on Twitter and Facebook. Have a bright and shiny season!


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