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Look Natural & Love It This Summer with the Right Accessories

Day and night, look natural for any summer occasion with the right accessories: tasteful jewelry and confidence.

It’s no secret: Appreciating your natural beauty promotes well-being, and tasteful additions of accessories can shed light on your favorite features. And what better time to bare it all than in the summer?

Because our Natural Collection is handcrafted in Bali, it’s specially made to be exquisite and unique - just like the women who wear it.

Use Natural Light to your Advantage

We think natural light is our worst enemy, but with summer comes many daytime occasions where it’s inevitable. Instead of fearing the outdoors, highlight your look with complimentary accessories. Sophisticated jewelry, placed strategically, does wonders for the natural shapes and coloring of the face and body.

Be Bright-Eyed At Work

When eyes pop with the right pair of earrings, people take notice, without realizing it’s because of what you’re wearing. Leafy, natural carved green earrings do the trick. With a simple loose bun, these pop-worthy embellishments illustrate intelligence and confidence by accentuating earthy eye tints.

Impress Him On a Day Date

When you nervously brush back your hair, he’ll see what’s on your wrist: A carved blue topaz bangle – one of our favorites. A floral motif and pedal-to-metal design subtly adds beauty and shows off the extra effort you put into preparing for your rendezvous – a tiny ode to him. Believe it or not, bracelets affect your shape. Small, narrow ones slim and flatter – rather than overpower - petite wrists.

Enhance Natural Face Shape for a Lunch Gathering

Style tip: necklaces are the main focus of ensembles.

Merging a gold and silver setting with an aesthetic floral design, a hand carved necklace embraces the natural beauty of the Earth. The pendant’s large bale accommodates all chains, so you control where it rests. Altering this position can either elongate or shorten you face shape. Pair it with your favorite top or dress to complete an effortless, beautiful look.













Naturally Nocturnal: Attract The Night

Even if not fully comfortable in your own skin, you can use jewelry as a tiny safety net, guiding you through the journey to confidence!

As for those summer nights…

Reveal Great Skin Tone for a Special Occasion

Not meant to blend in? A bold orange hue embodies a spirit that is much the same. Bright and natural color is a sure sign of personal strength. The carved Carnelian sterling silver earrings are fit for any occasion: Art openings, birthday parties, work gatherings.

Remove the chameleon effect.

Earrings on the edge of your face define and slim its contour, while, at the same time, enhance skin tone by brightening richer hues. A natural look starts with great skin.

Fall in Love… With a Natural Lip Glow

When your hand nears your face, you’ll draw attention to your soft lips with rose quartz on a sterling silver ring, which radiates an iridescent glow. Light gold eye shadow and black mascara should be the only make-up you need. On a date, your hands are showing often – eating, drinking, making stories more exciting – so decorate what he’ll see with the right jewelry.

Showcase Your Free Spirit

Be loose and carefree, like the expert blend of carved amethyst, silver, and gold in this hand carved bracelet, which hangs loosely for freeing activity. Hale a cab, dance at a show, or hold someone’s hand – the jingling music coming from your wrist reminds you of your freedom and natural beauty.


Get The Natural Look

This summer, show what you got in style, and while your at it, peek at the rest of our Natural Collection for inspiration.

Follow us in Twitter or Facebook to get the latest on natural designs and new jewelry. Keep in mind that at Cirque, we offer free sizing for life ­– the jewelry is made to fit you!

What’s in this summer? You in your own skin!



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