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4 Things To Look For When Purchasing Jewelry That Retailers Don’t Want You Knowing

Hello everybody,
Jewelry Retail StoreWith the holiday season officially kicking off the day after Thanksgiving (what we affectionately call Black
) I thought it would be a great time to post some tips and helpful advice which can help lead you to a wise jewelry purchasing decision.  While most jewelers are great people at what they do, some do not want you to know these tips which will save you money.

Does the website clearly display all silver and gold weights as well as gemstone weights?

While this should not strictly influence your buying decision as there are factors such as design or overall style of jewelry and brand-name that should ultimately lead to your decision, many retailers do not disclose the weight of the gemstones and metal content. If a retailer does not list the weights of the style of jewelry, You should consider this as a red flag and perhaps avoid that retailer.

Take particular attention to the return policy

Many websites have a return policy of only 30 days. While many consumers would consider this enough time to inspect and finally decide if the piece of jewelry they bought is the right style for her, What is not often known that the 30 day return policy begins at the time when the purchase was transacted, meaning when you place your hard earned money through the checkout. It could take upwards of 1 to 2 weeks for the item to be finally delivered to your doorstep and if you do decide the item, we all know that things happen and life tends to get busy.  You should also ask for what the warranty is on all craftsmanship and labor your jewelry.  All jewelry should have at least one year warranty on craftsmanship.   
Just so you know Cirque Jewels offers a no questions asked 60 day return policy that starts on the day your jewelry is received. 

What is their sizing policy?

Many jewelers and designer brands will void a warranty if you size your ring at a unauthorized center.  This sometimes makes sense since I have personally seen people take their ring to be sized only to have it ruined by the jeweler who was trying to size it. Sizing often requires a source of heat to add additional metal or the decrease the ring's size and this can actually permanently alter the color of the gemstones.  

Friendly reminder, Cirque Jewels offer free sizing for life on all rings.  

Get a gemological certificate on big ticket items.

If you are spending big bucks on a diamond such as a engagement ring, make sure you have a GIA certification for the stone.  Do not depend on any other random certification as they tend to grade a diamond higher than it's actual value.  A lot of these third-party certification companies are in cahoots with their customers (the retail stores and wholesalers) so they will come back to them for repeat business.  It's an unfortunate practice in this industry and you as the customer should be aware of it.  Even though I say you should depend on a GIA certification for diamond grading, you as the buyer should get multiple opinions to empower your self that you are getting the best deal possible.  

I hope there tips were helpful and remember, CirqueJewels.com is always available to answer your questions and requests.  Call us at 866-424-0011 or email us at service@CirqueJewels.com to find exactly what you are looking for you and your loved ones.  



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